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Men’s Health - Terry Crews Reveals His Workout Secrets

We asked Terry Crews to explain his approach to fitness while doing a workout he's never done before: yoga with goats. 

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CBS News - Welcome to Goat Yoga

It's a typical Sunday at Laughing Frog Yoga Studio in Santa Monica, California, and yoga enthusiasts are lined up, mats in hand, ready to go.  But this particular class can't start until two of its most adorable participants show up: Floyd and Roscoe.

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KTLA 5 Morning News - Iconic Pinups and Goat Mascots

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Buzzfeed - Animal Lovers Get Surprised By Goat Yoga

Watch a group of animal lovers get surprised by goat yoga in this Buzzfeed video.

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Philadelphia Fusion - Can We Go Goats? NeptuNo and Alex do GOAT YOGA!


Drawing with goats is the new painting with wine

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Undisputed - Burlap Celebrates Shannon's 50th Birthday

Basketball Wives - Episode 1

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Get It Girl - We did Goat Yoga at Laughing Frog Yoga and it was AWESOME

GloZell Tries out Goat Yoga

GloZell returns with a new season of GloListic and continues her holistic journey by trying out Goat Yoga with her friends at Laughing Frog Yoga and Hello Critter Goat Yoga.

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Bumbu: DJ Khaled The GOAT Commercial 

DJ Khaled does goat yoga in a new Bumbu video.

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All Work No Play: Goat Yoga

On this side-splitting episode of All Work No Play, Sam & Liam are joined by pals Travis Willingham and TJ Storm for a little goat yoga. And hilarity ensues!

Braxton Family Values

Traci does goat yoga.

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Livestrong - Up For Anything

Watch as we take 2 amazing wellness influencers,Lee from America & Iam Diasha, and their awesome moms to experience some of LA's most unique healthy living hot spots #UpForAnything

Yo! Venice - Love and Goatitude

“There’s something about these little animals that aren’t afraid to connect with you. They’ll jump on you. They’ll go under you. And, there’s nothing cuter than baby goats,” said Sehayek.

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Valkyrae Does Goat Yoga

Valkyrae experiments with one of LA's latest trend - goat yoga! We take Valkyrae and Leena to Laughing Frog Yoga Studio, where their instructors and goat handlers show us how it's done. Later Leena talks with Valkyrae about the experience, fitness, Fortnite and her streaming career.

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Goat Yoga with Johnny Bananas

Johnny takes on a real challenge when he discovers he's not only doing yoga, but he's doing goat yoga with The Bachelor's, Ashley Iaconetti.

The LA Couple Does Goat Yoga

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Now United Does Goat Yoga

Telemundo - En Los Ángeles se hacen cada vez más populares las clases de yoga con cabras

Amelia Macchiavello, corresponsal en California, nos muestra una nueva moda que está conquistando a los aficionados del yoga en Los Ángeles. ¡Increíble!

Little People

Zack Attacks Goat Yoga

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US News - Yoga pour ne pas devenir chèvre

El yoga busca subrayar la comunión con la naturaleza a través de animales