”If you are looking for a unique and creative way to spend an afternoon or create a fundraiser, I can’t recommend Michelle/Goatcritters and her animals high enough. Michelle and her yoga instructors are wonderful people, and the goats are frisky but gentle! I promise you the experience won’t disappoint. My guests had a blast, and it’s an experience we’ll talk about for weeks.” 

- Rebecca Graham Forde


"I loved my experience! I hope you keep offering classes (especially at Basecamp Highhorse) in the future!"

-Amanda Morin


"Had the best time with Roscoe and Floyd on my birthday! Michelle and everyone were extremely kind and so easy to work with. I'd recommend Goat Yoga to everyone!"

- Danielle Kat



Best heart opening yoga experience in my life! Michelle and her mom were so attentive to all of us, beautiful people bringing a once in a lifetime experience! Thank you for this memorable moment, love you both! baaaamaste! I wrote life changing because to me, yoga is not (just) about stretching, looking good sometimes:), sweating, chanting: it's an inner journey that brings us closer to our inner self, which is pure joy really when we remove all our layers...What you do is like a highway to this joyful essence and connection to self and others. People in the goat yoga class were giggling, talking to each other, smiling: now THAT is yoga! Thank you for bringing this to the world, lots of love!

- Genevieve Giroux



So so so much fun - I love them! Michelle is so nice and the goats are adorable. And it's a good laugh. Can't imagine leaving goat yoga without a huge smile on your face.

-Leslie Delli-Venneri



Best yoga class ever! Michelle is really sweet and helped me make my reservation quickly. Beverly taught a great class and the goats are just the cherry on top! I would recommend this to everyone!

-Samantha Diaz



BEST. THING. EVER. I highly recommend. Baaaaaahmaste

-Mira Crisp 



This was so much fun ! I highly recommend signing up for this event if you get the chance. The goats are so cute and very friendly. Definitely something you should do in California :)

-Allison Tracey



Absolutely an amazing experience! It was both relaxing and very funny to watch the goats hop on people, including myself! The goats were very well trained and my friend and I had an overall really unique and fun experience. Thank you! x

-Megan Cerami



Thank YOU, Michelle! You, Beverly, Billy & Burlap made the day so so special! I knew I’d love it but it was even better than I imagined.  Maeve couldn’t stop saying how much she loved it.

-Jill Kinney



It was such a great yoga class and a magical hour with adorable goats. Can't wait to go back!! Michelle is awesome and the yoga instructor was one of the best.

-Bita Bushehri



The goats were adorable. And the handlers were amazing too. They really took the time to ensure we had a good experience. Thank you so much!!! 

- Jennifer Ihrig



So much fun!!  And the yoga is super easy so anyone can do it or you can make it more challenging.
The people were great with fun energy and the goats were ADORABLE.  I recommend it to everyone and anyone!!!

- Patti R.



We had Hello Critter goat yoga at our wedding and it was THE BEST!!! They were unbelievable, the class was amazing, the goats were so cute and friendly. We couldn’t have asked for anything better!!

- Josh Perlow



Thank you for coming out on our staff wellness day and being so generous of your time and yoga practice.

Many of us haven't laughed like that in a long time and the combination of laughter and yoga was exactly what we needed!

-Vanessa Gorski, Safe Place for Youth Development & Communications Manager

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 8.45.03 PM.png


Wanted to let you know my daughter and her friend LOVED the goat yoga session.  Both needed some stress relief and this did the trick -- no "kidding"    What an wonderful idea.  Thank you so much. Will probably give her another class for Christmas.