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Flower Full Moon Meditation and Mandala Workshop with Goats!

When was the last time you enjoyed what you were doing so much that you lost track of time?

Can you think of a time when you were having coffee with a friend, reading, taking a walk in nature, or making art and you got so immersed that suddenly two hours had gone by without you even realizing it?

This experience sometimes referred to as being in the “flow,” and it turns out it’s really important for your mental and emotional health.

Join us for 2 hours of being in the “flow” for a very special Flower Full Moon Meditation and Mandala Workshop with the Hello Critter Goats as our inspiration and partners in the creation process. 

Kirsten Korot will guide a beautiful opening meditaiton with sound, explain the energies of this special Flower Full Moon as we set our intentions for what we want to create in our life and then move into creating our Flower Mandala which represents the cycle of life and our connection to the universe. As we create together along with the beautiful energy of nature and the goats around us we will amplify our intention and manifestation for what we want to create for the months ahead under the Flower Full Moon. 

A mandala of any kind always begins with a simple circle. From there, through a series of movements, shapes and explorations an expanding balanced mandala structure grows, much like the petals of a flower, symbolising unity and harmony. When we create a mandala from natural materials we are creating something that is both uniquely beautiful and also impermanent. As we immerse ourselves in the art of making mandalas, as we choose, handle and arrange the natural materials we begin to flow in a mindful meditative way connecting in the moment and nature and this allows us to feel that we too are part of nature. 

Creating these with the goats around us as and sharing the process with them as they take nibbles of the flowers and plants reminds that just as in nature the mandala eventually gets recycled into nature and becomes a part of the endless and infinite cycle of life. 


  • Guided meditation with sound to open up your creativity and set your intentions
  • Florals, tools & materials to create your floral mandala
  • A digital image of your flower mandala 


  • Washable Yoga mat & pillow, If you like to snuggle up, bring a blanket
  • A camera
  • An open mind and loving heart 

Limited space available

Art Works Studio & Classroom
660 N Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004

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