Is there an age minimum?


There is no age minimum. However, we recommend participants weigh at least 75 lbs. 

What should I bring to goat yoga?

A camera, washable yoga mat, towel & bottled H2o. 

What should I wear to goat yoga?

Wear a top that covers your back. Remove loose jewelry.

Do the goats hooves hurt?

Most people say it feels like a massage! But if you prefer not to have a goat jump on your back, simply sit up when you see them coming towards you!

Do you have mats?

Yes, we have a limited number of mats available for rent. Please ask to reserve one prior to the event.

How can I book a private event?

Send us an email with approximate number of attendees, desired date & location. If you’d like us to come to you, send us a quick video of the perimeter of the desired location, to help us with logistics. If you don’t have a location, we can look into booking one of our locations. We will send you a quote and once we’ve received your deposit, your time and date will be secured.

Do you provide the Yoga instructor for private events?

Yes, we have a roster of certified Yoga instructors who have designed sequences that are specifically goat friendly. 

If you would prefer to hire your own instructor, however, we can arrange for that as well! 

Are the goats potty trained? 


Nope! But their dry little coffee been like pellets are virtually odor free & we have disinfectant handy to clean up goat-related messes as they occur.

What happens when the goats grow up?

Besides being our beloved pets, Our adult goats enjoy modeling for life drawing and art classes, serving as muses for writing workshops, attending private parties, photoshoots, sound bath meditations, goat improv and more.  We enjoy offering animal lovers creative opportunities to commune with our affectionate barnyard critters. 

Are your goats rescues?

In mid 2017, we rescued four wethers (castrated male goats) from bleak futures…when you’re a male goat born on a dairy farm, the future unfortunately doesn’t always look so bright.

Happily, we found loving homes for The Nubi Brothers, Bodie & Lance. When Lance's owner goes out of town, we are fortunate enough to get to babysit him. Lance occasionally makes appearances at Hello Critter events, too! 

At the end of 2017, Billy’s goat pen burned down in the wildfires of Southern California. He was re-homed with us when he was under three weeks old. He lived in the house with us while we bottle fed him 4 times per day, before he was ready to eat solid foods and move out to the barn with his sidekick, Burlap. 

In addition to our goats, we have a rescued & retired racehorse Darby, a 34 year old rescued mini stallion Claude, a rescued chicken Dixie, as well rescued squirrels who were hand raised and soft released into our backyard.

What do the goats do in their downtime?


Chew their cud, sunbathe and hang out in the barn with Claude the mini horse, the chickens, bunnies, squirrels and cats. 

We also take walks in the park, where they enjoy climbing up and jumping off of trees.