About Hello Critter

Hello Critter hosts Goat Yoga events at various locations throughout Los Angeles. Our yoga classes are led by certified instructors while Nigerian Dwarf goats roam the class. Participants inadvertently create playgrounds for these little goats to jump on, rebound off, trot under & crawl through various yoga postures held by class attendees. The playful antics and gentle manner of these adorable critters, open hearts, widen smiles and deepen stretches throughout each practice.

Along with Goat Yoga, Hello Critter goats serve as hiking companions, muses for creative writing workshops, models for life drawing classes, co-creators in Goat Improv workshops and Sound Bath Therapy Sessions. They travel well and can attend your next party, team building event, corporate event, fundraiser, photo shoot, TV video or film production & more.

About the Founder

Michelle Tritten has kept pet goats since the 1980s and practiced yoga since the 1990s. She has always enjoyed sharing her animals with others. She loves goat yoga because it combines her passions while creating spontaneous laughter, joy, happiness and stress relief for others, who may not typically have the opportunity to commune with goats. She finds the attendees of Hello Critter events to be the nicest animal loving people you’d ever want to meet. Michelle credits the critters for helping people find their happy place, which always brings out the best in people.